Baja California Vacation Rentals

Baja California vacation rentals can be reserved for daily, weekly or monthly rentals.  Guests who rent Baja Vacation California rentals for daily bases, usually for 2 to 3 days, tend to be guests who are within 2 - 7 hour driving distance.  And usually, this is just for the weekend get-away, especially on holiday weekend.  

Then you have the folks who reserve one of Baja California vacation rentals for a week or two, this includes some folks who are visiting from nearby cities such as Mexicali, but also folks who are living up to a whole days trip by road away.  

Lastly, you have guests who are looking to rent for a month or longer, these typically tend to be the snowbirds - these are folks who live all the way as far as Canada and visit San Felipe to enjoy the temperate climate even during the winter months.

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