Bringing Your Pet to San Felipe

Brining your pet to San Felipe

Brining one's pet on vacation to San Felipe is a common question pet owners have.  After all, we all know how connected we are to our furry friends and having to leave them behind when going on vacation is not always possible.  Traveling with your pet to San Felipe and Mexico in general is permitted. Below I cover what you need to know before embarking on  your trip.

Almost all visitors to San Felipe will be driving down, this usually means crossing the border in Calexico or Tijuana or Tecate.  Of course, there are other border crossings you could use. 

Because dogs are the most common pets brought on vacation San Felipe, this article is primarily geared towards questions concerned with traveling with dogs to San Felipe. 

So now you have figured out you can travel with your pet to San Felipe, next you are wondering about where to find pet friendly rentals in San Felipe. For this you will be glad to know that we have a host of pet friendly vacation rentals in San Felipe to meet your need.   Of course, not all our homes are pet friendly.  But above link will show you a good number of homes to chose from.

One option to consider when brining your pet to San Felipe is to give your pets an opportunity to spend quality time with other dogs.  This can be done by have your dog check-in to Baja Bed and Biscuit, San Felipe's award wining pet care service.  Baja Bed and Biscuit is run by Darryl and Vicky. 

1. What are the laws regarding bringing pets to San Felipe?
Answer: Pets must be healthy and have documentation from their local veterinarian indicating they are free of contagious diseases and are generally in good health.  

2. Do owners need to show proof of vaccination?
Answer: It is required that all animals have documentation from their local veterinarian that all shots and vaccinations are current. They may not ask for the documentation at the border but it's better to be safe than sorry. Your local veterinarian will know what is required.

3. Any quarantine laws?
Answer: For traditional pets such as dogs and cats there are currently no quarantine regulations or requirement. For more exotic type animals such as parrots, cockatoos etc. there may be. It is best to check before crossing any international border with exotic animals.  

4. When taking pets back into the US, any special declarations that need to be made?
Answer: Again, a copy of an up to date record from your local veterinarian should suffice. Many times these records or documents are referred to as the animals "passport".

5. Any other things owner's should know? 
Answer: Just like human beings, when you bring your pet to a new environment it is an adjustment and a new experience for your pet. Try not to change their diet. Bring adequate food that your pet is used to eating. Also, we always recommend treating your dog with Bravecto to keep them tick and flea free. This is available here in San Felipe as well as at your local veterinarian supply.

Dogs without proper health documentation or are not flea and tick free are not allowed to vacation at Baja Bed and Biscuit. We take the safety and security of your furry baby very seriously.