San Felipe Brewing Company

San Felipe brewing company located at KM 182 San Felipe Mexicali Highway 5

San Felipe Brewing Company - Craft Beer Made in San Felipe

Craft beer is now available in San Felipe at the San Felipe Brewing company located at KM 179.9 San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5.

San Felipe brewing company opened its doors in March 2018 and is operated by Joe and Scott, both long time residents of San Felipe.

San Felipe Brewing craft beer interior

Scott and Joe`s passion for making beer has a long history. Originally, beer making was limited to making beer for friends in a home brewing club. Word spread quickly about Joe and Scott`s talent at brewing exceptional beer. The San Felipe tourism board got wind of this and encouraged Scott and Joe to open a craft beer business. The San Felipe tourism board facilitated and the requisite licenses and San Felipe Brewing Company was born.

At San Felipe brewing you will find seven to 10 beer selections. Recommended is to do a beer sampler where you get to taste up to 5 beers, then take your pick and order a glass or two of your favorite from the samples.

San Felipe Brewing beer list
While San Felipe brewing does not have custom beer bottles, customers can buy regular bottles from the brewery, fill them up with their choice from available beers, and take them away. Longer does vacationing in San Felipe mean you are stuck with Tecate or Corona beers.

If you need a bite while you are at the brewery enjoying craft beers, a taco stand is available on-site where you can order freshly made fish taco, shrimp tacos, etc. A great idea is to celebrate your birthday with friend and family on the outdoor patio. The patio is well lit, so the fun can continue even when the sun goes down.

Craft Beer Options

  • Happy Pale Ale - ABV 5.0 %, IBU: 40
  • White Wheat - ABV 5.6 %, IBU: 22
  • Stout - ABV 6.5%, IBU: 35
  • IPA - ABV 7.4%, IBU: 57
  • Red X - ABV 5.5%, IBU: 33
  • Coffee Porter - ABV 5.5%, IBU: 30
  • Brown Ale - ABV 6.0%, IBU: 20

San Felipe Brewing Hours

  • Address: KM 179.9, San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5, San Felipe, Baja California, 21850, MX
  • Bar Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12PM to 8pm
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 686-119-6911

San Felipe Brewing Sampler Set
San Felipe Brewing outdoor patio
San Felipe Brewing taco stand
San Felipe Brewing owner

San Felipe Brewing outside view

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