San Felipe Eateries

Culinary experience on vacations is one factor many consider when choosing a place go on vacation. San Felipe caters to no only fans of Mexican cuisines, but an assortment of other dining options.

smoking joes bbq restaurant san felipe

An award winning eatery serving delicious BBQ along the San Felipe Malecon. This BBQ stop with its home made sauce has won awards all over the US and Canada.

cg cava boutique san felipe

Find nothing but the best freshly made salads and sandwiches. Located on Mar de Cortez Avenue.....

asadero el general restaurant san-felipe

Specialties include tacos and grilled burritos.

chuys place san felipe restaurant

A tradition in San Felipe, Chuys Place has a hole in the wall feel and exceeds expectations.....

Coyote Burger and Ensalada san felipe

Coyote Burger and Ensalada. Burgers never tasted this good! Plus a nice salad also available.

La Cabana Restaurant San Felipe

La Cabana restaurant is a great choice when you want to try Mexican food gourmet style.....

Tacos Y Tortas El Carlos

A taqueria thats famous with the locals located close to downtown San Felipe.

La Taza Coffee Shop San Felipe

La Taza is the place to go for your morning coffee and plus a small bite.....

Dos mares marisco urbano, San Felipe

A modern and creative seafoodconcept offeringthe best of the Sea of Cortezlocated in downtown San Felipe.

San Felipe Personal Chef Aaron Zanudo

Chef Zanudo has earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after private chefs in San Felipe.

Thanksgiving in San Felipe

Thanksgiving in San Felipe isbe a super fun experience. Because if is not a holiday in Mexico, you have many restaurant choices for dine in or ordering meals to your vacation rental. And San Felipe relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to catch up with friends and family.

Vegetarian experience at La Vaquita Marina restaurant San Felipe

If you are a vegetarian curious about food options in San Felipe, you can relax and know you won't go hungry...

Restaurante Playa Azul San Felipe

Playa Azul - A Mexican Restaurant Where You Can Have it Your Way. They can make almost any combo you can think of.

Road Runner Restaurant - A Mexico-Meets-NYC Deli Delight

Whether you are headed to San Felipe, Baja California Mexico for the first time, or you are headed back for another fun time, Road Runner Restaurant is a local staple

Seaside Dining at Matilde's Restaurant San Felipe Mexico

Front row seat ocean view, a Mexican (and American) breakfast and dinner menu, there's not much you will want for after a trip to this favorite of tourists and local residents alike

San Felipe Baja California restaurant Garden Eatn

The Garden of Eat'n concept was started in the summer of 2021. Chef Paul and I wanted to open a restaurant but restaurant space was scarce. We...

San Felipe brewing company logo and beer

Whether it's craft beer, hard seltzer or some delicious Mexican food that is calling your name, you will be covered.

Marios Patio & Grill

Marios Patio and Grill showed up in San Felipe two years ago, and brings juicy steaks, roasts, and...

San Felipe brewing company logo and beer

Alfredos welcoming Tuscan atmosphere strikes one as a cross between a large Italian winery and a rustic mountain lodge with high, beamed ceilings and checkerboard floors.

San Felipe chateau event welwome

Nestled North of San Felipe, where the sun meets the sea, Chateau San Felipe stands as a testament to our town's evolving cultural...

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