San Felipe Baja California Chronicles

Get the local scoop on life in San Felipe.  We chronicle daily life in San Felipe with true stories.

  1. San Felipe on the Lighter Side
  2. Reasons to come to San Felipe
  3. Where to eat in San Felipe
  4. San Felipe nearby locations
  5. Pandemic consideratios

San Felipe on the Lighter Side

A great place to get the knots out of your rope

A great place to get the knots out of your rope

You probably know how it is. You just can't wait to go somewhere to unwind; to get all those knots out of your rope you spent so much time day after day getting good and tight. I can remember not so long ago how I would feel as I would cross the Calexico/Mexicali border on my way to San Felipe B.C.N. There is...

San Felipe Baja malecon boardwalk

San Felipe's Charm - Something Old Something New

I find myself relaxing here in this oh so comfy Chinese Restaurant aptly named "The China Inn" waiting (again) for my friends who are always late to show up. Yep, they’ve really gotten into this whole manana lifestyle. But that’s okay as I’m intrigued by...

San Felipe's Charm - Something new something old

San Felipe Not Just a Place....But a Blessed Way of Life

Walking down the San Felipe Malecon I’m missing my friends that came to visit me here in our little village by the sea. This morning all seems so calm and everything so well synchronized as I watch the waves lapping up on the seemingly unending white sandy beach. Overhead....

Gris's Spa and Salon, San Felipe, Mexico

Gris's Spa and Salon

Gris's Spa and Salon is a great place to treat yourself when you're vacationing in San Felipe.  



Reasons to Come to San Felipe

10 Reasons to skip Ensenada and Rosarito for San Felipe

The San Felipe Experience

While San Felipe is the smaller than Ensenada and Rosarito, you are guaranteed to leave San Felipe feeling more....

Top 10 reasons to visit San Felipe Baja California

Top 10 Reason to Visit San Felipe, Baja California

Pristine beaches, unique dinner experiences and a relaxing vibe are just a few reasons to visit San Felipe. Read more...

Choosing between San Felipe vs. Puerto Penasco

San Felipe Vs. Puerto Penasco

Choosing between visiting San Felipe Vs. Puerto Penasco will come down to a number of factors including the type of vacation you are looking to have. Every city has its stenghts and weakness. San Felipe has...

Top 10 locations to take kick ass pictures in San Felipe Mexico

Top 10 Location to Take Kick Ass Pictures in San Felipe

Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Let me show you where to take the best photos in San felipe 


Top 10 Reasons to Come to The Beach-Town of San Felipe Baja California Mexico

Top 10 Reasons to Come to The Beach-Town of San Felipe Baja California

Winter is on deck and if you are anything like me, you're already thinking about the next time you will be at the beach with your toes in the sand and a fruity cocktail in your hand.


Where to eat in San Felipe

Thanksgiving in San Felipe

Thanksgiving in San Felipe Mexico

Thanksgiving in San Felipe is be a super fun experience.  Because if is not a holiday in Mexico, you have many restaurant choices for dine in or ordering meals to your vacation rental. And San Felipe relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to catch up with friends and family.

Vegetarian experience at La Vaquita Marina restaurant San Felipe

Vegetarian Experience at La Vaquita Restaurant

If you are a vegetarian curious about food options in San Felipe, you can relax and know you won't go hungry...

Healthy Lifestyle a la San Felipe, Mexico

Healthy Lifestyle a la San Felipe

Living in a bustling big city can present many challenges to the good sleeping pattern, diet, physical activity, social support and healthy relationships that are part of the foundation of the healthy lifestyle....

Road Runner Restaurant - A Mexico-Meets-NYC Deli Delight

Road Runner Restaurant - A Mexico-Meets-NYC Deli Delight

Whether you are headed to San Felipe, Baja California Mexico for the first time, or you are headed back for another fun time, Road Runner Restaurant is a local staple

Restaurante Playa Azul San Felipe

Playa Azul Restaurante - Have it your way!

Playa Azul - A Mexican Restaurant Where You Can Have it Your Way.  They can make almost any combo you can think of.

San Felipe brewing company logo and beer

San Felipe Brewing Company - Award winning beer

 Whether it's craft beer, hard seltzer or some delicious Mexican food that is calling your name, you will be covered. 

Seaside Dining at Matilde's Restaurant San Felipe Mexico

Matilde's Restaurant - San Felipe's Best Beachfront Mexican Restaurant

Front row seat ocean view, a Mexican (and American) breakfast and dinner menu, there’s not much you will want for after a trip to this favorite of tourists and local residents alike


San Felipe nearby locations

Things to do near San Felipe - Visit Bahia San Luis Gonzaga

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga, aka Gonzaga Bay, is a great day trip from San Felipe. A scenic road takes you to this beautiful bay where you can snorkel, scuba, fish or just relax and take in nature's beauty.


Pandemic considerations

Work and school from San Felipe

Work and School Remotely From San Felipe

When work and school can happen from anywhere, why not take in on the road and bring it to San Felipe.  Choose a vacation rental with internet connection and spend a few days, a week, a month or longer working from San Felipe.  

Work and school from San Felipe

Safe Vacations in Pandemic Times

Taking a vacation in times of a Pandemic can be tricky. Many considerations to think about. San Felipe just maybe the perfect place to vacation.

San Felipe Summer vacation

Summer Vacation Close to Home - Staying Safe

You live in California, Arizona or Nevada, and are considering a vacation close to home. Where would you go?