San Felipe: A Great Place to Get the Knots Out of Your Rope

You probably know how it is. You just can’t wait to go somewhere to unwind; to get all those knots out of your rope you spent so much time day after day getting good and tight. I can remember not so long ago how I would feel as I would cross the Calexico/Mexicali border on my way to San Felipe B.C.N. There is just something about that right turn as you make your way south through the wide streets of Mexicali that always puts my mind at ease.

Once the city is behind you and you begin to pick up speed on Highway 5 the newly paved and widened expressway between Mexicali and San Felipe, the knots begin to melt away. It’s almost like little fingers massaging the tension out of your inner being, as the kilometers quickly click by. One last stop at an OXXO for a tamale or two or six (one can never have too many tamales) a cold beverage and you’re on the road again. Right away you notice just how beautiful and safe this new highway really is! After traversing all those California interstates with their potholes and visually sanitized views you find it nice to see real world life going on around you.
san felipe boat on lake sunrise
san felipe mexicali highway 5
Driving south you pass a large dairy farm right next to a field of alfalfa that is being harvested. Two young boys are working in the field while their father is driving a tractor reminding you of the yesterdays you can recall when this was common place north of the border. Of course, that was years ago before video games and texting became the order of the day for kids after school. Somehow even a quick glimpse into yesterday as you’re driving down the road at sixty or seventy miles per hour of a family working together towards a common goal makes you feel good. It somehow makes you feel as if there is still a place in the world that has not gone nuts, and so, in the process not left you behind. There is still a place where people, their community and family still matters.
As you sit back in your vehicle listening to beautiful music your phone rings. You’re a little shocked that you have phone service in such a seemingly remote part of the country. A familiar voice says “hi there! Just checking to see how you’re doing!” You report that all is fine and that you can’t remember when you’ve felt so at ease and so, well, so at one with yourself and the world. “Great your daughter says. Gotta go I’m late for a meeting! Call me when you get there so that I know you’re safe and arrived in one piece.” “Okay fine I will” you assure her. Oh if she only knew just how “absolutely fine” I really feel she’d be in shock. Heck, I’m in shock!
San Felipe Malecon sign San Felipe Pelicans Flying over water
Pulling out over the salt flats about half way between Mexicali and my goal of San Felipe I realize just how big, how diverse, how tough and yet how fragile this land really is! Nearing the mountains I pull to the side of the highway on an extra wide and paved shoulder area to just marvel and try to take in the majesty of these huge rocks. Rocks and peaks that may never have had a human walk on them…ever! Turning off the engine I step out of my vehicle and notice something I have not heard in so long. Complete silence! The silence is almost deafening as another part of me is being awakened from a much too long self imposed hibernation. The feeling of being one with the world is suddenly so powerful…almost too powerful to contain. Suddenly another car comes from the south probably from San Felipe. It comes to a quick stop. “All okay?” the man asks in broken English. “Si, Si all bueno” as I wave him past. Gosh, when was the last time someone took the time to stop and ask if everything was okay in the old country? The question was of course rhetorical but no less serious and meaningful!

Arriving in San Felipe I felt so renewed and excited having arrived at my home away from home. Darn I tell myself if I had not eaten all those tamales I’d sure stop at one of these taco or barbecued chicken stands. But, the Malecon is calling my name so I keep pushing forward to my ultimate goal of tickling my toes in the warmish water of The Sea of Cortez.

Suddenly there it is before me just as inviting as I remember it being. I am sure the pelicans and seagulls flying in beautiful formation above the beach were there to welcome me back. Oh it is indeed wonderful to be here. No knots…no ropes! In some ways this place feels much more like home to me as my other home ever did to the north.

I guess that’s just another one of the magical things about the San Felipe area. Here I am a mere two or so hours south of the border and yet it feels like I’m a whole world away! Heck, I bet my daughter is still in her oh so important meeting. Meanwhile, here I am with my toes in the water and my butt in the sand!

What is there not to love in this little place I’m calling home for an extended stay. No wonder people take pride in calling it their special place; For many it’s their adopted home. San Felipe is indeed Our Special Little Village by the Sea.

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