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San Felipe is known as a place to relax.  Simply enjoying the beach and quality time is enough for some.  Other visitors want to know about group lead tours in San that take you on excursions to discover places you would not normally find yourself.  Below are some tours and excursions to look forward to in San Felipe.   Because the tours have limited space, we encourage booking in advance of your trip to San Felipe to ensure availability.
Ostrich Farm Tour San Felipe
Ostrich Farm Tour
Ostrich Farm Tour is a fun activity for the whole family.  You have the choice of a Standard or Premier Tour. 
Romantic Desert

Romantic desert dinner San Felipe
Romantic dinner under the stars
A romantic dinner under the stars in a secret desert spot in San Felipe - a treat to give that special person in your life. Memories guaranteed.
Caon del Diablo tour
Cañon del Diablo
Cañon del Diablo in amazing experience not to miss when you visit San Felipe.  A short hike to water falls with cliff jumping opportunities.
Giants Cactus
Giant Cactus Tour San Felipe
Giants Cactus
Tour of Valley of the Giants National Park