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We’ve been indoors for a long time. While safety will always remain a priority, there are creative alternatives in which to relax, recoup and self-nourish responsibly.  How about social distancing in paradise and adding some fun and uplifting scenery to the quarantine.  You may be thinking where is it safe to go on vacation in the months to come?  You are not alone.  After going through the lockdown, which has been tough on all, unable to see friends and family, there is an alternaive.  And while the pandemic at the time of writing this article is still present, we can allow ourselves some leisures while adhering to social distancing guidelines.   So where to go? San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.


Important Considerations for Vacationing close to Home

To start with, we probably do not need to tell you a vacation is good for you.  But as refresher, health benefits of a vacation include boosting physical and mental health, reducing stress and improved familial relationships are just some of the benefits.  Everyone can use these benefits while living life to the fullest. And living in pandemic times, it's important to review these considerations  before taking off on your vacation .
  1. Drive or Fly
  2. Social Distancing
  3. Driving Distance
  4. Accommodations
  5. Things to do
  6. Meals

Drive or Fly

Drive or Fly on your next vacation ?
If you are like many, when you think of a vacation, flying to an exotic location may be part of the plans, but you are probably worried about whether this is still safe.  After all, cramped environments on a plane or a cruise ship, have proven to be fertile grounds for the spread of the coronavirus.  The result of this worry is most families are choosing to vacation close to home. While flying remains a high-risk activity, we are lucky that San Felipe is just a short drive away in Baja California, Mexico.  A wander–lust space where the desert meets the sea, San Felipe provides miles and miles of exquisite shorelines, to explore within the safety of social distancing guides.  And you will happy to know that if you leave in Arizona, California or Nevada, you can still plan an International road.   

Social Distancing

Social distancing on summer vacation in San Felipe
You will want to choose a vacation destination which is not crowded (as in above image) to ensure you and your family can adhere to the recommended social distancing guidelines. Six feet apart is the recommendation.  As a small town, big crowds are not what you find in San Felipe.  Whether you are at the beach in San Felipe, or exploring the Valley of the Giants nature preserve, you will have plenty of space between you and other vacationers.  While downtown is the center of activities in San Felipe, most of the communities have access to their own beach which go on for miles.

Driving Distance

Driving distances to San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico
San Felipe, Mexico has long been a hidden gem of a vacation destination.  There are many awesome reasons this is a favorite spot for those in the know. San Felipe is within three to twelve hours drive from most cities in California, Arizona and Nevada, making it a great option for vacationing close to home. Driving from San Diego to San Felipe is just 4 hours 20 minutes.  And from Yuma, Arizona to San Felipe, is just 3 hours 20 minutes.  And if your driving is longer, there are several rest stops along the way.  The road conditions are very good...a few years ago, the Mexican government upgraded most of San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5 to two lanes in both directions.
Driving Distances and Times to
San Felipe, Baja California
Driving From Drive Distance Driving Time
Las Vegas  440 miles 7 hours 40 minutes
Los Angeles 354 miles 6 hours
Palmdale 359 miles 6 hours 20 minutes
Palm Springs 440 miles 4 hours
Phoenix 360 miles 6 hours 10 minutes
Reno 748 miles 12 hours 50 minutes
San Francisco 735 miles 11 hours 50 minutes
San Diego 243 miles 4 hours 20 minutes
Santa Barbara 450 miles 7 hours 20 minutes
Tucson 413 miles 6 hours 40 minutes
Yuma 170 miles 3 hours 20 minutes

As you will probably be driving to San Felipe from the US, remember that you will be crossing an international boarder.  And while in Mexico we welcome you with open arms, you will want to ensure you have your travel documents for returning to the US or your country of origin.The travel documents you will need for re-entry into the U.S. will depend on whether you are a citizen or non-citizen resident.  Typical travel documents accepted for re-entry into the U.S. are U.S passport, Green Card and American Visa. 


San Felipe Baja California Summer Vacation Rental Homes
There are hotel and vacation rental homes in San Felipe as accommodation options.  In times of social distancing, a vacation home is the preferred option.  Unlike a hotel where there is high chance of interacting with other guests from different places, a vacation rental home ensures you do not need to share any space.  You get a living room, kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, etc all to yourself and your travel crew.  These furnished rental homes can be rented by the day, weekend, week or month.  San Felipe Vacation rentals come in one to six bedrooms.  Some include a private pool, but options are limited, so book early.  Cleaning is done by a dedicated crew.  The cleaning process includes using disinfectants to ensure highest hygiene.

Things to do

Fun things to do in San Felipe Mexico
Other than the chilled atmosphere, the big attraction in San Felipe is the beach.  You can engage in endless activities on the white sandy beaches of San Felipe.  Did you know the water temperature in the summer months are in the eighty (80) degrees Fahrenheit range?  Who needs a swimming pool with such cozy sea temperatures.  And since there are very little currents in the water, this means everyone, kids and adults, can spend all day in the water safely.  There are kayak and banana boat rentals.  This may require more interaction than you are comfortable with during this time of social distancing, so bring some water inflatables.

And when it's time to come out of the water, plan ahead, bring some fun games to keep you entertained.  Popular games to play on the beach are:

Adults beach games

  1. Cornhole games
  2. Ladder toss,
  3. Jazzminton
  4. Bocce Ball
  5. Frisbee and Frisbee aim
  6. Bulzibucket
  7. Ring toss, Checkers
  8. ATV Rentals

Kids Beach Games

  1. Flying Kites
  2. Water Bucket Relay
  3. Beach Bowling
  4. Tug of War
  5. Squirt Ball
  6. Sand Hopscotch
  7. Slithery Snake 
  8. Bubble Blowing
  9. Bocce Ball
  10. Beach Treasure Hunt
At night, one popular activity to enjoy with friends and/or family is to launch shooting star sky lanterns.  Make a wish, light the sky lantern up and watch it soar through the night sky.  Magical!  If you choose to bring shooting star lanterns which can be ordered online, please only bring the biodegradable us protect San Felipe's eco system.
launching sky lanterns on the beach at night in San Felipe, Mexico
Sky lanterns come in different sizes and colors.  The small size is recommended so almost any age can have fun with them.  It is important that sky lanterns be launched only by the sea shore at night - this is because at night, due to the difference in temperature between the sea and land, the sky lantern gets pulled out to sea.



Dining options in San Felipe Mexico
San Felipe has a population of approximately 20,000 inhabitants.  This is a good size town with restaurants and grocery stores. Many restaurants offer delivery  service, so you can easily call in an order, have it delivered, and eat in the comfort of your vacation rental.  And if you prefer home cooked meals, the grocery stores in downtown San Felipe are centrally located such that you are within 10 - 15 minutes drive to the grocery stores from most communities where you be staying. Take your face masks with you as this is required for everyone's safety.

The furnished rental homes have a well stocked kitchen, however, if you require special cooking equipment like a pressure cooker, it's recommended you bring this.  Do you like to BBQ?  Most rentals have access to a charcoal BBQ grill.  You can get charcoal for a few dollars all across town.

*Ask us about discount coupons for local restaurants.


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