San Felipe Swap Meet

This is not your regular swap meat, the San Felipe swap meet is a hangout for locals and vacationers alike.

San Felipe Swap Meet at Cachanilla

San Felipe Swap Meet at Cachanilla

San Felipe Swap Meet at Cachanilla

The San Felipe Swap Meet is the place to be early Saturday morning if you`re looking for a bargain. Need hand-painted tiles for the bathroom? You`ll find them here. A blue colored hammock for the porch? Yep, they`ve got them. How about an old VCR movie or adventure novel? You will find all this and more at the San Felipe swap meet. And don`t forget those Tupperware containers you`ve been trying to find. Surprising finds at the swap meet include live Main Lobsters and if you don`t mind some alcohol in the early morning, you can have $1 Bloody Mary cocktails and Margaritas.

San Felipe swap meet

The San Felipe swap meet is held at the Cachanilla which is located in El Dorado Ranch. Getting to the swap meet is very easy, simply drive up to the Pemex gas station by El Dorado Ranch on Highway 5, and drive up the road to the security guard post. Usually, you need a pass to get through the security post, however, on swap meet days, exceptions are made. So let the guards know you`re heading for the swap meet, drive up the road for about a mile and to your right, will be the San Felipe swat meet in action.

San Felipe swap meet market hold every Saturday between 7AM and 11AM at Cachanilla in El Dorado Ranch.

The history of the swap meet at the Cachanilla is a story on to itself. Initially, the swap meet started with Americans leaving in El Dorado ranch setting up a few tables on Saturdays and friends came by to hangout. This slowly grew in popularity, size and variety of products you could find. This has now grown to include locals who display Mexican arts and crafts for sale at very reasonable prices and is also a perfect place to pick up souvenirs while on your San Felipe vacation.

So make plans to visit the San Felipe swap meet and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

San Felipe Cachanilla swap meet