ATV Rentals in San Felipe

Famous for sand dunes around town in San Felipe, riding ATVs on the sand dunes is always a fun activity for vacationers.

Rent and Ride ATVs on San Felipe Sand Dunes

San Felipe is famous for the annual Baja250 races which is held usually the 2nd week of March. The surrounding lands are a border between the desert and the sea, so therefore off road enthusiasts and nature lovers make up a good number of San Felipe vacationers. You will see and hear lots of dirt bikes, ATV`s of all calibers and dune buggies riding through town headed for the open desert or the nearby sand dunes with different gradients at the southern edge of town. Being legal to ride on streets and highways, this is the transport of choice for many people staying on the across town.

Riding ATV in San Felipe Baja

When you stay with, we make renting ATVs easy. While making a reservation for your rental home online, you will have the option of including ATV rentals as part of your reservations. This is the preferred method for our guests as this ensure an ATV is waiting and ready to go just for you on arrival. Note that including the ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) option as part of the reservations is only available for daily rentals. Hourly ATV rentals is not a currently available option. Current rates are $200 per day for 250cc ATVs for ONE ATV. When you rent 2 or more ATVs, rental rates are $160 per ATV per day.

Before you take charge of the ATV and head off, you will be required to sign a rental contract which absolves the rental company of liability. Also, you are responsible for any damage to the ATV. So if you are new to riding ATVs, you will want to take your time getting comfortable with its handling.

Interested in a 4 sitter offroad car? Call us to inquire about our EZGO car availability. This off-roader is a joy to ride across the sand dunes.

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