San Felipe Fishing

Fishing in San Felipe holds lots of surprises
Price per person start from $55.
Includes fishing rods, bait and license

Vacation Fishing in San Felipe

Fishing in San Felipe, Mexico

As a town which once relied solely on fishing, fishing is fun and fantastic thing do in San Felipe while on vacation. Before we go any further, we should probably clarify that San Felipe fishing can be broken into 2 categories; Pleasure fishing and Hardcore Fishing. By pleasure fishing, I am referring a few hours to half day fishing trip. Hardcore fishing is where you set out for a few days down Sea of Cortez for a fishing experience of a lifetime. We are going to cover pleasure fishing as this is what most vacationers to San Felipe look to do when they think of fishing.

Fishing is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family and is fairly safe to do on the Gulf of Mexico as the waters are mostly calm.

The best time to set out for fishing is early in the morning, usually about 9AM. For few hours of fishing to half a day of fishing, you can higher one of the pang boats at the Malecon in down town San Felipe. To get there, simply head down Chetumal Blvd until you get to a T-junction, you are now on the Malecon street called Costero. You should now be able to see lots of panga and bigger boats lining the shores. The panga boats usually have life jackets, these are not handed out before you head out, so you want to ask the boat captain to confirm there are life jackets onboard. The boat captain and usually one crew member will accompany you and provide all the fishing rods and baits.

San Felipe Mexico panga fishing boat

A favorite spot to go fishing are the waters around Konsag island which is 45 minutes to an hour out to Sea. The boat captains don`t always head here, so let the captain know you want to head to Konsag Island. This spot is very rich in different fish and sea lions know about this spot too. Be careful when you fish, some lazy sea lions may try to steal your fish as you reel it in. For many San Felipe vacationers, just heading out to take in Konsag Island for sight seeing without fishing is enough of an experience, so making a sight seeing tour out of your fishing trip is recommended.

The Sea of Cortez, aka Gulf of Mexico, has an abundant variety of fish species including halibut, corvina, dorado, and sierra just to name a few. Allow yourself to be surprised with your organic fish catch. As a courtesy, the fishing crew will usually clean up the fish on the way back so it`s ready for use in preparing a nice meal.

San Felipe fish cleaning

Fishing can be done all year round, however the peak fishing season is October through early April. If you are renting a panga boat, you need not worry about a fishing license, however, if you are bringing your own boat, you`ll need a fishing license which cacao be purchased from the local warden at the marina.

San Felipe Fishing Tips:
  1. The cost per person to go fishing is usually starts at about $55. Price also depends on how long and where you`d like to go fishing. If you are going to be in a group of 7 - 8 interested in going fishing, I recommend you head to the Malecon the day before your scheduled fishing trip, usually about 5PM, and negotiate the rate for your fishing trip. You will get a better deal this way than when you show up on the morning of your trip.
  2. If you are prone to motion sickness, the usual remedy is Dramamine. The natural food that helps with motion sickness is ginger. Eat lots of this before you head out and you will be fine.

Location: Malecon, San Felipe, Baja California