San Felipe Mexico Nightlife

Learn about San Felipe's nightlife and plan your time accordingly to have the most fun.

Nightlife in San Felipe, Mexico

San Felipe Mexico Nightlife

This snap shot of nightlife in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, is really just a snap shot, and is by no means exhaustive of the nightlife you`ll find.

How you spend your evenings in San Felipe Mexico really depends on your interest. Rest assured, there is something for everyone.

In an earlier post, we gave some fun suggestions including creating your own fireworks show courtesy of buying fireworks at the fireworks store on Highway 5. We also covered bonfires and where to get the firewood. However, if dancing and bars is more of your kind of fun activity, we have some tips for you.

The center of nightlife in San Felipe Mexico is around the Malecon area, specifically the streets of Avenida Costero and Mar de Cortez. Both these streets are `one way` only, so pay attention as you approach from Chetumal avenue.

Along the Malecon boardwalk, especially on weekends, you will find Mariachi bands and the like setting up along the boardwalk and dishing out different songs to the audience delight, locals and tourists alike. Sometimes, there is a competition between bands and audience participation, such as dancing to the songs is welcome. Drinking along the Malecon is legal, so you can simply buy cold beers and other drinks from the convenience stores along El Malecon and find a nice comfortable place to seat and enjoy people watching. To ensure you beer stays cold, complimentary ice is provided by most stores.

As you enjoy the scenery playing out on the Malecon, you will notice cars and trucks alike cruising the blocks which make up the Malecon, some with music jamming, others such as trucks with revelers enjoying the slow moving cruise while seated at the back of the truck with drinks in hand. Not to be outdone, there are ATVs in the procession too. If you think you have seen the car or truck drive by before, you are probably right as the circling of the block is done over and over again.

By far the most popular club on the Malecon is the Rockodile night club. This two level club with a full bar, usually kicks of slowly during the evenings with many patrons coming in for drinks and food. It may seem slow at first, but towards midnight, the dance floor is fully busy. The music is a combination of all the popular Western hip-hop songs as well as popular Spanish dance music including Reggaeton. This place is popular with local and vacationers alike and goes on until the wee hours of the morning.

rockodile San Felipe Mexico at night

A block over from the Rockodile club is Beachcombers, this is another popular dance club. The lower level is enclosed while the upper level is open air. Both levels have bars. No cover charge at this club.

If Country music and Blues music is more of your type of music, there are several spots around town where you can find live music and dancing. Popular spots around town include the Lighthouse which, facing the Sea of Cortez from the Malecon, is to your left. Also check out Rumors Bar and Grill Pete`s Camp and Jolly Mon Bar which features the Agave Blue band that is skilled at keeping you on your feet all night long.

live band at rumors bar and grill San Felipe, Mexico

The ratio of Karaoke Bars to residents is quite high - so get your vocal cords tuned up and sing your heart away. You will see the signs around town announcing their Karaoke nights. Popular San Felipe Karaoke spots includes Juanito`s Cantina at El Dorado Ranch as well as Bandidos Bar & Grill. Bandidos sometimes has a Karaoke competition with judges awarding points for each team`s performance.

Location: San Felipe, Baja California