Parrots Cracker Beach Bar and Grill

Parrots Cracker Beach Bar & Grill

Parrots Cracker Beach Bar & Grill San Felipe Mexico

parrots cracker beach bar & grill in san felipe mexico

Parrots Cracker beach bar and grill is owned and operated by two renowned chefs; Robbie and Cesar. Chef Robbie grew up in a family of restauranteurs and has owned 5 star restaurants in the US before moving to San Felipe. Chef`s Robbie`s specialties have been featured on TV shows throughout the US.

Don`t miss the fish tacos when you drop in, they are truly one of the best you will ever taste. Robbie`s clam chowder recipe has won awards in competitions and the fish and chips remind you of London fish and chips where they originate from. The pan-fried chicken will leave you asking for more! There are always special going on, so be sure to check-in an allow yourself to be surprised.
  • Food Specialties
    • American (Traditional)
    • Asian Fusion
    • Filipino
    • Seafood
    • Tapas Bars

    Tip - it does get busy, so arrive early for dinner to ensure every item is available.

    Alaskan Salmon at Parrots Cracker restaurant San Felipe

    Chicken wings at Parrots Cracker San Felipe Bar and Grill

    Parrots Cracker Beach Bar and Grill specialty - Pulled Pork Sliders

    Parrots Cracker Teriyaki Chicken with rice and Pineapple

Location: Playa San Rafael on San Felipe Highway 5
Phone: 52 686 171 0426