San Felipe to Puertecitos Hot Springs

A trip from San Felipe Baja California to Puertecitos hot springs.

Day trip from San Felipe to Puetecitos Hot Prings

Day trip from San Felipe to Puetecitos Hot Prings

So you are enjoying your San Felipe vacation and you are wondering what have I missed? Well, why not take a day trip from San Felipe to Puertecitos Hot Springs. Puertecitos is just 90Km (or 55 miles) away from San Felipe. You will be traveling South on Mexico 5 highway.

The first thing to know about San Felipe, Puertecitos and it`s surrounding waters are the extreme tides and this is how the hot springs are formed. Puertecitos hot springs is right on the Sea of Cortez. At high tide, most of the springs are covered, as the sea recedes, various springs of water are formed with different temperatures that are fun to sit and relax in. As the water recedes, some springs may start getting to warm for comfort.....just hope on over to the next spring towards the Sea.

The road from San Felipe to Puertecitos has received a make over and is not smooth all through. Expect a drive time of an hour. Due to unpredictable opening hours of Pemex in Puertecito, it is recommended you head tank up before you head down.

Gate for for the hot springs is just a few dollars -$5. Although, I have heard that sometimes the gate fee is waived.

So be sure to add a visit Puertecitos as part of your San Felipe vacation plans.

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Location: San Felipe, Baja California