Visit Konsag Island(Isla Consag) of the coast of San Felipe

Take a boat ride to Konsag Island and enjoy the wildlife scenery

Konsag Island - Isla Consag

Konsag Island - Isla Consag

Wildlife Watching at Konsag Island Off The Coast of San Felipe Mexico

Perhaps one of the best kept tourist attraction secrets in San Felipe Mexico, is Konsag island or Isla Consag as it is called by San Felipe natives. Yet other locals refer to Konsag Island as La Rocka.

From the shores of San Felipe, looking out to sea, on a clear sky day, you can see what appears to be a structure in the middle of the sea - this is Konsag Island.

The easiest way to get to the island is to charter a boat from the Malecon in downtown San Felipe and head on a 45 minute boat ride, 23 miles, to the island. This is about the halfway point between San Felipe and Puerto Penasco.

The Sea of Cortez is generally calm, however, depending on the winds, the water could get a little choppy. So if you are prone to seasickness, you will want to take Dramamine or other similar drug. Tip - combine the trip to Konsag Island with a fishing trip. Simply charter a boat and tell the captain you want to go fishing at Konsag Island. This way you get to see the island and fish all on one trip.

As you approach the island, you begin to notice rock formations majestically rise from below the sea level and creating an imposing presence in the middle of the sea. From a distance, the rock formations look like they are snow covered. This is not the case. This is only bird droppings lighting up the rocks.

Birds on Konsag Island San Felipe Baja Mexico

There are a variety of wildlife that survive in the waters surrounding Konsag Island. Everything from sea lions, seals and a variety of marine birds. The sounds of the sea lions communicating in their loud voices is very interesting to listen to. It sounds like quire gone wild. The waters around the island are rich in fish, as is evidenced by the amount of wildlife that live on the island, unless such makes for a great fishing location. If you do go fishing, watch out for the seals, some are too lazy to fish and wait for humans to do the catch while they snatch the fish as you reel it in.

Sea lions on Konsag Island San Felipe Baja Mexico

Do not expect to be able to go on the island. Apart from the fact that the island is pretty steep, it is way too crowded to get on. You would have to fight your way past the seals and sea lions on the lower level of the island before you can set foot. So plan to circle the island from your boat and enjoy the scenery.