Clamming in San Felipe MX

A fun activity for everyone

San Felipe Baja Clamming

Enjoy Clamming While Vacationing in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

Have you thought about going clamming while on vacation? If not, then you should, as this is a fun activity for families with kids as well couples looking to get away for some quality time together. And San Felipe Mexico is just the place to go clamming.

Clamming along the shores of the Sea of Cortez in San Felipe is ideal for several reasons. For one, the extreme tides in San Felipe causes the clams to come closer to shore and when the tide recedes you can have lots of fun walking along the shore looking for signs of clams and digging them up where you find them. All you need is a rake like object, if you forgot to bring one, ask us, as we may have spares. And if we don`t, you can always pick up one in town for a few bucks.

Kids tend to enjoy clamming activity as often times they have learned about clams in school, and being able to clam brings out the scientist in kids and they can compete for who has dug up the biggest clam.

Family clamming in San Felipe Mexico

Clamming at El Dorado Ranch San Felipe beach

Kids clamming in San Felipe Mexico

Clams are not just fun to dig up, but they also provide a lot of nutrition like Iron, Omega-3-fatty acids and lean protein amongst others. Best of all, San Felipe Manilla clams easy to prepare. When you rent a vacation rental home from mysanfelipevacation, you will be close to the beach for easy access to clamming spots and the rental home will come with all the pots and pans you need to prepare the clams meals. How does linguini with clams sound? Or how about clam bread? We shall go over how to prepare the clams for a quick and nutritious meal.


  1. Dig up the clams from the sea shores after the sea tide goes out.
  2. Put them in buckets, cover them in salt water and let them purge for a day
  3. Wash the clam to get them nice and clean. Grab a handful and rob them under running water and place in pot.
  4. Steam the clams and notice the clams start to open up. Check regularly
  5. Once clams are completely steamed, they`ll al be opened up. Take pot to sink and drain the water. Leave a little water as the water can be used for clam linguini or boil noodles in them.
  6. Open up the clams and knock the meat out.
  7. Use the clam meat to prepare with linguini and clam sauce