Bodega Aurrera Super Store

Bodega Aurrera Super Store

Bodega Aurrera Superstore San Felipe, B.C., Mexico

San Felipe plays host to vacationers looking to get away for a few days as well as snowbirds who traveled down to San Felipe and stay for several months at a stretch. The most popular rental accommodation in San Felipe are vacation rental homes, these are move in ready and come with a well equipped kitchen. But what use is a well-equipped kitchen if you can`t get foodstuff and fresh produce to prepare meals. So as expected, one of the most popular questions from folks planning a trip to San Felipe is of that grocery stores in San Felipe?

Bodega Aurrera superstore opened its doors for business in December 2012. Bodega Aurrera`s arrival in San Felipe was a game changer as it brought big city shopping to San Felipe. Prior to Bodega`s arrival, San Felipe was dotted with mom-and-pop grocery stores.

Bodega is a retail chain in Mexico associated with giant Walmart. Being associated with WalMart speaks to the high standard of products you can expect when you shop here.

Built like a warehouse store with tall racks and overstock placed high above, they have a full line of groceries including produce, meat, dairy, cosmetics and prescription drugs. Additionally they offer household items from bedding to toys and TVs and electronics and appliances. They also have bulk products for better pricing.

For out-of-towners vacationing in San Felipe or simply passing through, the best way to describe Bodega is to think of it as a slightly smaller version of a Sam`s Club or a Costco as you would find in the US. The only differences here membership is not required.

Located at 799 Mar de Irlanda Sur @ Calzada Chetumal in San Felipe, just north of the glorietta, this relatively new store offers a wide range of products. Lots of pictures have been included below as part of this review below to give you a good idea of what to expect.

There are 5 check stands for service that is often prompt. On site parking is ample.

-Terry Van Arsdale

Bodega Aurrera San Felipe Front View Bodega Aurrera San Felipe - Vegetables

Bodega Aurrera San Felipe sports section Bodega Aurrera San Felipe -TVs

Bodega Aurrera San Felipe Fresh Produce Bodega Aurrera San Felipe - Fresh Vegetables

Bodega SanFelipe interior view Bodega Aurrera San Felipe: Kitchen section

Bodega Aurrera San Felipe: Home improvement Bodega Aurrera San Felipe

Bodega Aurrera San Felipe Home electronics Bodega Aurrera Superstore electronics

Bodega Aurrera Superstore San Felipe Bath section Bodega Aurrera San Felipe: Bakery

Bodega Aurrera San Felipe Superstore shelves Bodega Aurrera San Felipe Pharmacy

Bodega Aurrera superstore pharmacy shelves Bodega superstore cakes

Shelves with produce in Bodega Aurrera San Felipe Bodega Aurrera toiletries