Calimax superstore San Felipe

Calimax superstore San Felipe

Calimax superstore San Felipe, Mexico

Calimax is a major retailer across Mexico. When news spread that a Calimax store was coming to San Felipe, the news was highly cheered because the chain is known for carrying quality products at affordable prices.

The pictures included below with this review should serve as a mini virtual tour of the store thus giving you a good idea of all the things you need not bring with you when heading to San Felipe for a vacation or simply some time off. Between this store and the neighboring Bodega Aurrera store you will find all that you need.

For US and Canadian visitors to San Felipe perhaps the best way to describe the Calimax store is a cross between a Smart & Final store and a Ralphs store.

The San Felipe store, located at 324 Calzada Chetumal, this is right in the center of town and easily accessible. The store is a full service grocery store. They have a bakery, meat department, drugs and cosmetics, fresh produce, liquor and a wide variety food items that can fill most needs.

Customer service is excellent - the employees are interested in making their customers happy. Questions are promptly and pleasantly answered. If you have not brushed up on your Spanish before heading to San Felipe, you need not worry because although not all Calimax employees are bilingual, if you only speak English, they`ll quick summon an English-speaking employee to assist you.

There are 5 registers for fast service. All standard payment forms are accepted including cash (Dollars and Pesos), MasterCard, Visa and American Express. The lines are usually quickly served. There is ample on site parking and they will carry orders to your car.

-Terry Van Arsdale

Calimax San Felipe Front View

Calimax San Felipe check-out counter Calimax drinks section

Calimax fresh produce Calimax fruits and vegetables

Calimax Dairy section Calimax poultry section

Calimax San Felipe meat section Calimax grocery store snacks section

Calimax grocery store bakery