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San Felipe Cultural Center

The San Felipe Cultural Center (Centro Cultural San Felipe) was completed in 2010 and opened to the public in November 2010. Although the center was has been open for several years now, it does not get the mention it deserves in most San Felipe tourist guide booklets.

The Cultural Center building is an imposing structure that is hard to miss. The construction of this center spanned two governments; the Mexicali and the local San Felipe arms. The vision for the cultural center was to be a multipurpose center that would cater to both locals and tourists` needs.

The structure houses an active painting exhibit that is replaced monthly with a completely different hanging show representing work of art from some of Mexico`s finest artists. The main floor also houses a book style library and a computer training room with 10 new computers.

The upstairs has a series of rooms used for meetings and as classrooms.

One of the popular events organized by the center are summer workshops in which participants can take part in learning a variety of fun engagements, including art crafts, traditional Mexican folk dances and much more. At the end of these classes, participants gets to show off all they`ve learned. The traditional dance performances tend to get filled to capacity so if you decide to visit for one of the shows, best to come early.

Classes are not just for youngsters. There are a series of alternating classes for adults too which include music: guitar and drums, painting, paper machine, pottery, visual arts and acting.

Cultural Center is across from the Pemex, near The Arches, on Calzada Chetumal.

Opening hours are Monday - Friday, 9AM - 8PM. Library card required to borrow books.

The cultural center can be reached on 686-577-0296

- Terry Van Arsdale

San Felipe Cultural Center Building

San Felipe Cultural Center Sign

San Felipe Cultural Center Ground floor

San Felipe Cultural Center art on wall

San Felipe Cultural Center - Art Exhibit

San Felipe Cultural Center - Art Exhibit on wall

Painting exhibit at San Felipe, Mexico Cultural center

Library section of San Felipe Cultural center

Kids section Centro Cultural San Felipe

computer room at Centro Cultural San Felipe