San Felipe is known for its outdoor activities; everything from riding ATVs, going fishing, sailing, horseback riding, etc. This may not be for you. Or perhaps you are coming down with a group, some want to play tennis but you would rather participate in some less strenuous activity. Here is a refreshingly different idea - a visit to "Galeria Olivar Millan" art gallery for some Art & Wine experience. You may even get to try some hands-on art creation.

Under the direction of owner/artist Ruth Olivar Millan, " Galeria Olivar Millan" art gallery opened its doors on October 6th, 2012, at 2514 Camino Del Sur, San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. Ruth is a Bay Area transplant with an academia background, world traveler and resident of El Dorado Ranch. She is an accomplished multimedia artist who works in oil, block printing, sculpture and ceramics

The art gallery seeks to promote San Felipe by focusing on art expressions of artists representing San Felipe. Ruth`s specialty is woodblock prints - Retablos. This gallery is a first of its kind in San Felipe. Retablos are available for sale at the gallery, or you are invited to create your own unique art.

In addition to art, you should visit the gallery to learn about Baja wines and local Baja cheeses. You will find wines from nothing but the best wineries from across Baja. Ruth is a wine expert, who will occasionally, on Saturdays, pair wine - especially wines from Mexico, and particularly from the Guadalupe valley - with cheeses from the Ojos Negros area of the Baja, near Ensenada. To enjoy your wine tasting experience, there is a wine loft with beautiful Sea of Cortez views.

For tourists visiting San Felipe for a few days or weeks, you may want to check your calendar and fit in some fun beginner art classes taught by Ruth. These classes provide lots of helpful and one-on-one guidance as you develop your skills and understanding of the process. The fun classes cover drawing, culture and history.

Ruth is also an expert in the kitchen. A specialty is local San Felipe seafood from clams to sashimi including ceviche. Ruth had a stint with farming and is truly a food connoisseur.

Ruth has a theater on-site, in which she offers Spanish-speaking films from "the golden era" of movies made during the 1930`s & 40`s. There are concerts, with a variety of musical styles, on the spacious patio.

A component of citizenship in Mexico is to promote language and culture. Ruth Olivar Millan is an impressive example of someone who is a good citizen.

  • Address: Camino del Sur 2514, San Felipe, Baja California, 21850, MX

  • Studio hours: Thursday thru Saturday 10am to 4pm

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Phone: 686-577-0804

Galeria Olivar Millan, San Felipe front view

Galeria Olivar Millan interior view

Galeria Olivar Millan floor

Galeria Olivar Millan sample painting 1

Galeria Olivar Millan - painting of mother

Galeria Olivar Millan - woodblock prints

- Terry Van Arsdale