San Felipe Bues & Arts Fiesta March 2015

9th edition of San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta to be held March 27th and 28th, 2015

Blues & Arts 2015

San Felipe Blues and Arts Fiesta, March 27 - 28, 2015


It�s official � the dates of the ninth annual edition of the San Felipe Blues and Arts fiesta have been announced This year, the Blues and Arts fiesta will be held March 27 � 28, 2015 in El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe. Plans are already in top gear to ensure an overwhelming success.

As regulars to the fiesta already know, this is not only about listening to good music and having a great time with friendly and family, but this event raises money which goes to support local San Felipe charities. the fiesta is organized by the local chapter of the Lion�s Club. Lions Club is a nonprofit organization which works very hard to make a difference in the community.

Blues & Arts FAQ

We will try to cover the most frequently asked questions for visitors and sponsors planning to attend the Blues and Arts fiesta
  1. What are the dates and time for the the 2015 San Felipe Blues and Arts Fiesta?
    • March 27th, 2015 - 6PM to 10PM
    • March 28th, 2015 - 11AM to 6PM

  2. Can I attend just one of the dates?
    • Yes, you can attend just one of the dates, but you get a discount when you buy tickets for both dates

  3. Who are the musicians performing during this years Fiesta?
    • Pachuco Blues
    • ATM Band
    • Mosktryo
    • Backwater Blues
    • Ruta 69
    • Rock Machine
    • Michelle Londeen

  4. Where is the venue for the Blues and Arts Fiesta?
    • The Fiesta will be held on the Pavilion grounds in El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe

  5. Is there parking at the venue?
    • Yes, there is lots of free parking around the Pavilion - venue of the Fiesta

  6. Is it safe to visit the Blues Fiesta?
    • The Blues & Arts Fiesta is held in the gated resort of El Dorado Ranch. This resort has 24x7 security.

  7. What are the recommended accommodations for attending the Fiesta?
    • Recommended accommodations for attending the Blues & Fiesta are vacation rentals in El Dorado Ranch. El Dorado Ranch is a big complex, you will want to reserve your rental preferably on the beach side of the ranch - this section is referred to as La Ventana del Mar

  8. Will there be food and drinks at the venue?
    • Yes, food and alcohol are available for purchase at the venue. Profit from the sale goes towards supporting local charities.

Directions to the San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta

Here are Google Maps directions to the venue of the San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta. Follow these steps to use
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  2. Enter your starting location (address)

Videos and Pictures from the 2014 Blues & Arts Fiesta

Enjoy this collection of video and images from last year`s Blues & Arts Fiesta - hope this wets your appetite and builds anticipation for what to expect this year.

attendees of the 2014 San Felipe blues and arts fiesta

stage at the 2014 San Felipe blues and arts fiesta