San Felipe, Baja California Rental Home List

Here you will find San Felipe vacation rental homes across San Felipe - Including, El Dorado Ranch, La Hacienda, Las Palmas and downtown San Felipe.

Check rental home availability, pricing and make a reservation online 24 x 7. Reserving your rental home in San Felipe has never been easier.  Come on down, memories await.

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If you have a preferred community in San Felipe you would like to stay, we have made it easy to browse by community via below community links. If you dont have a preferred community, a better option will be to search from our home page by your dates, leaving community choice blank, this way, you get to see all the homes in different communities available for your dates.

Club de Pesca

Club de Pesca San Felipe - Very Peaceful and quiet community, no loud or obnoxious noises during the day or night like in bigger communities , making it difficult to enjoy your stay. Only Tranquility, beautiful Beach and beers! Located just few minutes from downtown San Felipe.

Downtown San Felipe

San Felipe Vacation rental studios, condos and houses in and around downtown San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Includes rentals walking distance to the San Felipe Malecon

El Dorado Ranch - Beach Side Condos

El Dorado Ranch beach side vacation rentals are rentals in the La Ventana del Mar section of El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe. These rentals include the modern condos which we prefer to call villas. The rentals are on the East side of Highway 5. From the beach up, first come the condos, followed by the Beach Side House which are alternatively referred to as La Venta del Mar Houses.

El Dorado Ranch - Beach Side Houses

List of vacation rental houses in El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe. These homes are on the beach side of El Dorado Ranch which is know as La Ventana del Mar. La Ventana del Mar is also where our 18-hole golf course is located. View pictures, check availability for your travel dates and reserve online once you ready. In addition to below rental homes, see also the La Ventana del Mar condos which come in 2 and 3 bedroom layouts.

El Dorado Ranch - Mountain Side

Vacation rental homes in El Dorado Ranch San Felipe resort. These homes are west of San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5. On the East Side of San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5 are the El Dorado Ranch beach side condos and beach side homes . This East side of the ranch is also where the golf course is located. The East side section of El Dorado Ranch is referred to as La Ventana del Mar. br>

La Hacienda San Felipe

Vacation rental homes and condos in San Felipes La Hacienda community. Community is located 10 minutes South of downtown San Felipe

Las Palmas San Felipe Beach Side

Villa del Las Palmas community in San Felipe is just a few miles South of downtown San Felipe. Located along the beach, enjoy amazing views from the rental homes across the Sea of Cortez.

Las Playitas

Las Playitas San Felipe. This is located close to the port of San Felipe

Los Sahuaros San Felipe Rentals

Browse vacation rentals for long and short term stay in Las Sahuaros gated community, San Felipe, Baja California. Check availability and reserve online when you are ready. Or call 760-592-1261 for reservation inquiries.

Pet Friendly San Felipe Rentals

Browse our listing of Pet friendly San Felipe Vacation Rentals. Check availability online and reserve instantly.

Petes Camp

Petes Camp San Felipe is a nice community along San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5. Offering sun, sand, sea and extraordinary beaches.

Playa de Oro

Vacation rental homes in Playa de Oro San Felipe beach side community. Check availability calendar online, pricing and make reservations. Vacation rentals come in 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.

Rancho Bugambilias

Rancho Bugambilias is a beautiful sea side community in San Fellipe Baja California. Located at KM 170 along San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5, this is approximately 6 miles North of downtown San Felipe. Community offers comfortable vacation rental homes for the perfect relaxing Mexico getaway.

Rancho Percebu

If peace and quiet on vacation, or quality family time are things you seek when on vacation, then Rancho Percebu should be at the top of your list of consideration when visiting San Felipe. Rancho Percebu community is located about 30 minutes South of San Felipe, Baja California. Rancho Percebu is located at km 21 along San Felipe - Puertecitos Highway. The beach in Rancho Percebu San Felipe is a major attraction. Watching the sunrise and sunsets feels heavenly. At night, star gazing is such a treat. The fishing hear is also great! Best of all, you can order a boat to pick you up right from your beachfront accommodation. Nearby attractions includes the Puertecitos Hot Springs and the Valley of the Giant Sahuaros. Easy day trips from Rancho Percebu are trips to Gonzaga Bay and Alfonsinas. These day trips take you along the coastal highway and shower your eyes remarkable landscapes. This small ranch with an on-site cafe provides an ideal place to host private events such as yoga retreats, weddings, movie filming, etc.

San Felipe by the Sea

The community of San Felipe by the Sea is located 20 minutes South of San Felipe, Baja California This beachfront community has very modern homes right on the edge of the Sea of Cortez. You can find 3 and 4 bedroom vacation rental homes ideal for 10 - 12 guests.

Vista del Mar

Vista del Mar is seaside community in San Felipe, Baja California. Entrance to this community is located along San Felipe - Mexicali Highway 5 and the KM 182 marker. This is one of the older San Felipe communities and is well maintained. The vacation rentals in the community come with pool and beach access.